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Mental Health affects EVERYONE! Be a part of our community today and share your story about a child, loved one, friend, or even a story about your own journey with mental health issues of any kind.

Tell us a story, either short or long, detailed or general, about how mental health has impacted you and your family. We want to hear about your journey, and where you are at now. Type your question in the space provided, giving as much or as little detail as desired. Share your contact information below or submit your story anonymously. These stories WILL be made public but may be paraphrased for readability, privacy protection, or other reasons at the discretion of CCGC staff. If you submit and request to be anonymous please change any names and omit any identifying information.

Would you like us to get in touch? Or do you prefer to be anonymous?

Please keep in mind that if you have a question or if you are looking for assistance, you must share your contact information or we will not be able to reach you!

Any contact information you'd like to share:

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