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School-Based Services

In Your Schools


Our School-Based Services (SBS) program partners with Manchester Public and Parochial Schools to offer therapy sessions to students within their school setting. 

The services are designed to meet the needs of children and families in the community who face barriers coming to an offsite agency due to the availability of appointment times, work, transportation, or additional outside stressors. 

Working closely with the child, the CCGC social worker is able to offer counseling, referrals and family support to any student whose personal situation or academic struggles are limiting their ability to make any progress at school, home, and in the community. Children referred for SBS typically have fewer clinical needs, and are not engaging in high risk or unsafe behaviors. Parents and caregivers meet with their social worker on a monthly basis to discuss progress and goals, and to ensure the best treatment outcome. The clinician will also meet with school staff when needed to offer additional support and guidance, and can respond to crises should the need arise.



If your child attends a Manchester Public School and you feel that they may be a good fit for SBS services, please contact Anisa S. Cole, LCSW, Director of Clinical Operations for CCGC, at 860-643-2101 x214.

Schools and Providers

If you are a Manchester school or provider interested in referring a child to SBS, please review the referral with the child’s family, and then complete and fax to 860-432-8333. 


If you are a parent, teacher or provider of a student who attends East Catholic High School, St. James School of Saint Bridget School in Manchester, please reach out to the school social worker with your concerns. 

Additionally, you can contact Robin Entress, LCSW, Director of Community and Home-Based Services for CCGC, at 860-643-2101 x121 for additional information.