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Student Referral Process

Student Referral Process

When a mainstream classroom setting is not a good fit, CCGC School provides an alternative setting for learning.

For students who struggle with mental health, behavioral issues, or other special education needs, there are times when the resources and supports available in a typical school setting will not be able to fully meet their needs. For these situations, school staff and parents may come together and hold a Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meeting to determine if a student would have a higher chance of success in a more therapeutic environment. From there, districts send out referral packets to specific organizations for review with the goal of finding an appropriate setting that will meet the needs of a student. 

Following, is an idea of what to expect once CCGC receives a student referral from the PPT:

1) Education and Clinical directors will review the referral packet and, if the placement seems like a good fit, they will set up an appointment with the child, their guardian, and other members of the CCGC team. 

2) During that appointment, the team will learn what brought them to CCGC and how they feel about school, including: likes/dislikes, friends, favorite subjects and struggles.

3) The group will also discuss what a typical Day at CCGC is like, including the classrooms’ schedules, what kind of centers and specials are featured throughout the week, and what related, clinical services are available. For example:

  • Specials - including art, music and movement
  • Related Services - Individual and Group Therapy; Speech and Language Therapy; Occupational Therapy
  • Behavioral Data Collection - Behavior for each student is tracked every half-hour and measures their success with completing assignments, following directions, being respectful, as well as the individualized goals agreed upon with clinician
  • Point system - CCGC utilizes a the web-based program Review 360 and point sheets are e-mailed home daily

4) After the appointment, the clinician and CCGC Director of Education will evaluate if CCGC would be an appropriate and beneficial placement for the child. Based on that decision, the school district and family are contacted, and an in depth clinical intake is scheduled. Finally, a change in placement PPT meeting to decide upon a start date.*

           *   The sending district is in charge of setting up transportation.