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IICAPS Internships

Intensive In-home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS)

IICAPS: What to Expect  

Interns placed in the IICAPS department will be trained in the IICAPS model, both on-site and at the Yale Child Study Center. Interns are paired with an IICAPS staff member to provide home- and community-based clinical treatment as a team.  Caseloads are 2-3 families. Over the course of the year, the intern will step into the “lead clinician” role with the team partner.  Interns are offered weekly individual, team, and group supervision with licensed clinicians.  Additional in-house training opportunities will be offered. Learning will focus on diagnostic formulations and narrative writing, and a range of IICAPS assessment and treatment tools, individual, family, and couples therapy, parent guidance, and case management throughout the engagement, treatment and discharge process. An IICAPS internship requires driving and some flexibility with scheduling appointments to accommodate team partners and families.   

IICAPS Program General Requirements: 

  • Available to Foundation and Clinical Year Master’s Students in Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, or related field 
  • Experience with children. Basic knowledge of child development. 
  • Must commit to at least 16 hours/ week, including 3 evenings until 6:30 pm, for at least nine months 
  • Mondays 10 am-11 am and Tuesdays 11 am-2 pm required 
  • Schedule flexibility required for frequent case management and to meet family needs 
  • Allowed 2 weeks of vacation; otherwise, expected at placement during school breaks unless special circumstances apply and are arranged with supervisor. 
  • Proficiency in writing and communication skills required.