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Happy Trails Transportation

Happy Trails Transportation

With the help of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving's Social Enterprise Accelerator, we have been able to tackle the problem of a poorly managed transportation system for our special education students. In the fall of 2019, CCGC introduced Happy Trails Transportation, in order to provide safe, therapeutic, supportive rides for our students - both to and from school.

Our drivers and staff know the student riders, and they have the ability to proactively apply behavioral interventions to safely transport them without incident. Trained to quickly deescalate a child who is having a hard time, their presence ensures children's emotional needs are met and decreases the number of behavioral incidents.

From a CCGC Student:

“I didn’t like riding the bus to school. I felt uncomfortable; other students were mean to me and I felt threatened. I even stayed home a couple of times because I didn’t feel safe. The bus staff would tell me to just ignore everyone and stay in my seat. But then I started to ride the CCGC bus, Happy Trails, and I feel good now. The CCGC staff help us if there is ever an issue and I feel very safe.”

What makes our services unique?

  • Our staff are highly-trained experts in managing challenging behaviors and supporting children in learning to self-regulate.
  • We have the ability to provide therapeutic interventions to resolve ongoing safety concerns.
  • Students will receive consistency in routines and behavioral plans can be applied during transitions from school to home.
  • Our vans are equipped with tracking systems, giving staff and administration the ability to know where buses and students are at all times. Technology also detects vehicle problems and changes in driver attention.