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Student Referral Process

Referring a Child to CCGC School

How Children Attend CCGC School (How to Refer)

If you feel that CCGC School could be a good fit for your child, the most important thing to know is that all children must be referred by their school district. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, foster parent, school social worker, child advocate, or any other concerned party, a child's potential referral will need to be made by the school district where they currently attend. But don't worry, we can help!

The first step is to get in touch with us today

Use the form below to get in touch, or call (860) 646-0502. By reaching out to us directly first, our school administrative team can help to determine if CCGC could be a good fit for the child, answer any questions you might have, and talk you through the next steps in the process. Use the contact form just below to get in touch today, and a staff person will respond without delay so that you don't have to spend any more time wondering what comes next for you and the child in your care.

Ask About Referring a Child to CCGC School

Use this contact form to get in touch with us as quickly as possible about a potential referral to CCGC School. For all other school-related inquiries or inquiries about other programs and services at CCGC, please use our general contact form.

Caregiver/Referring Adult Name
Child's Name
Child's Age AND Grade
Name of Child's School and School District (Town)
Immediate Concerns or Reasons For Contacting
Your Phone Number

What to expect from the rest of the referral process

Once we have had a preliminary conversation and answered any questions, we can make a joint decision as to whether it would be beneficial to further explore the possibility of a CCGC School placement for your child. If this is the case, here is an idea of what you can expect next (but don't worry, we can walk you through it one step at a time)!

What happens after initial discussion with CCGC School: 

  • All concerned parties (including parents/caregivers, school social workers, teachers, and school administrators from your child's district) may come together to hold a Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meeting to determine if a student would have a higher chance of success in a more therapeutic environment.
  • Next, districts will sometimes send out referral packets to specific organizations for review with the goal of finding an appropriate setting that will meet the needs of a student. If we have already connected with you regarding a particular child, CCGC will be one of the schools that receive that referral packet. 
  • Once CCGC receives a student referral from a PPT, Education and Clinical directors will review the referral packet in its entirety and, if the placement seems like a good fit, they will set up an appointment with the child, their guardian, and other members of the CCGC team.
  • During that appointment, the team will learn what brought them to CCGC and how they feel about school, including likes/dislikes, friends, favorite subjects and struggles. The group will also discuss what a typical day at CCGC is like, including the classrooms’ schedules, what kind of centers and specials are featured throughout the week, and what related, clinical services are available.
  • After the appointment, the clinician and CCGC Director of Education will do a final evaluation to determine if CCGC would be an appropriate and beneficial placement for the child. Based on that decision, the school district and family are contacted, and an in-depth clinical intake is scheduled.
  • Finally, there will be a change in placement PPT meeting to decide on a start date, and details such as transportation are settled as well. 

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