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Mission, Vision, and Values


To assist and support children with emotional and behavioral issues by providing a special education day school and a system of child and family-focused mental health services.


Our Vision for the Community

All children and families have ready access to special education and comprehensive mental health care, enabling them to live life to the fullest.

Our Vision for CCGC

  • Deliver high-quality educational and therapeutic services using evidence-based practices that achieve measurable, positive outcomes for our clients.
  • Provide services and support in a warm, supportive, and inclusive environment, with respect for the dignity and well-being of our clients and their families.
  • Strive to be an anti-racist organization, integrating equitable practices in all we do.
  • Continually innovate and improve our programs, services, and operations with an emphasis on evidence-based practices.
  • Work collaboratively and openly with staff, parents, funders, other agencies, and the community at large.
  • Be an employer of choice because we believe our staff is our greatest asset and offer a safe, supportive and stimulating work environment with fair compensation.
  • Anti-Racism

    We hold beliefs and actively make choices that celebrate, affirm, protect and defend the lives and livelihoods of Black, Indigenous and all people of color.

  • Integrity

    We pride ourselves on being honest and having a strong moral foundation.

  • Inclusion

    We require equal access to opportunities and resources for both our clients and employees who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.

  • Compassion

    We value mutual respect and understanding of another's journey.

  • Excellence

    We believe in the value of what we do and, as a result, are deeply committed to achieving excellence.

  • Innovation

    We actively pursue thoughtful, inspirational ideas to stay at the forefront of improving behavioral health care and special education services.

  • Community-Centric

    CCGC collaborates with our community partners in a unified effort to build a healthier, more rewarding future.