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To assist and support children with emotional and behavioral issues by providing a special education day school and a system of child and family-focused mental health services.

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As a kid, we’re taught to consider breakfast the most important meal of our day. Whether or not we all follow this advice...well that is a whole other story. However, once again science comes to the rescue to help us understand why this age-old guidance is actually very prudent...

After months of quarantine, Connecticut’s summer schools are reopening their doors, day camps and other programs are starting up, and families are beginning to venture out to restaurants, beaches, picnics, and parties. While care still needs to be taken and recommendations followed, we have learned a lot and can now begin using that knowledge to help our children enjoy summer activities.

Nearly 700,000 children are victims of sexual abuse in the U.S. every year, and because of current nationwide lockdowns, vulnerable children are limited from getting the help they might otherwise receive, particularly from mandated reporters in schools and extracurricular programs. Mental Health Month presents an opportunity to raise awareness and show child abuse victims that they are supported, especially when they are isolated and alone during quarantine.

Teletherapy during coronavirus

Helping kids reach their therapy goals from afar!