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To assist and support children with emotional and behavioral issues by providing a special education day school and a system of child and family-focused mental health services.

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Open dialogue about sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior by adults is an important tool of institutional abuse prevention. Educating your foster child about healthy boundaries with other adults in their life ensures that they are able to recognize potentially dangerous behaviors and situations easily and quickly.

For more than 60 years, the Community Child Guidance Clinic has helped children grow up happy and healthy by providing mental health and special education services for families across central Connecticut. We must continue to build upon the unmatched quality and breadth of care we provide and the passion and dedication of our talented staff. Following the direction laid out in our newest strategic plan, we will continue our journey and keep working towards these goals.

As a kid, we’re taught to consider breakfast the most important meal of our day. Whether or not we all follow this advice...well that is a whole other story. However, once again science comes to the rescue to help us understand why this age-old guidance is actually very prudent...

Teletherapy during coronavirus

Helping kids reach their therapy goals from afar!