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Victims of Crime Assistance Program (VOCA)

Victims of Crime


In 1996, Community Child Guidance Clinic became the recipient of the VOCA grant, which allows the agency to provide free counseling to children and their families who have been victims of crime. Our committed staff helps each child understand the trauma they have experienced and discover the coping tools needed to move forward with healing.

Being victimized by crime can have serious, long-lasting consequences for children, and recovery takes time and support. At CCGC, we do not want the cost of care to be another problem to overcome.

The VOCA grant is a “match program,” which means that the Office of Victim Services provides a percentage of funding for the sustainment of the VOCA program, and CCGC “matches” the funding with additional support. The VOCA program consists of a licensed clinical professional trained in the evidenced-based practice, TF-CBT, and a VOCA intern, both of whom are able to provide therapy at no charge.

In addition to counseling, the VOCA program will help you with: 

  • Court accompaniment 
  • Victim Impact statements 
  • Victim compensation applications 
  • Education about criminal justice procedures 

For more information, visit the Office of Victim Services. For any questions regarding CCGC’s VOCA program, please contact us at (860) 643-2101 and ask to speak to the VOCA coordinator.